Intensive Services


Residential Support Services

Our skilled and dedicated team of Social Care Workers are available to work in a variety of residential care and treatment programs. Services are available to work with clients on a one-one basis to support complex behaviour or to work alongside a team in the delivery of care to a program. Services are available for short term and long term assignments.

We think getting the right match for your program is a key to success and our coordinator will be pleased to meet with you to better understand your specific requirements. Please contact one of our Service Coordinators today for more information.

Day Program Services

Skilled and highly effective, our workers support students who are experiencing social/behavioural difficulties in the classroom. The service is also available for day programs that are in need of short-term and long-term support to cover staff illness, leaves or staff turnover.

Community Support

Support to individual clients living in the community or in the family home and require ongoing support to ensure that their complex needs are met. Workers are highly skilled with the ability to work independently ensuring that the treatment plan, as set out by the clinical team, is implemented effectively.

Behavioural Services

Trillium Behavioural Services is a specialized support service designed to meet the needs of children, youth and adults with complex behavioural challenges. We believe that the solutions to behavioural challenges often reside with the people who know the individual the best. Consequently, our approach is designed to be a collaborative process, involving the active participation of the individual, family and all key stakeholders. Depending on the individual’s needs, services can be provided in almost any setting, including: community, residential care facility, in-home, hospital, school, work program, or small group.

Trillium uses our unique 5 Step Process:

  • Observation of Behaviour
  • Develop hypothesis, behaviour change goals and strategies
  • Implement the Program
  • Monitoring/Evaluation/Update based on ongoing data collection/progress
  • Eventual Knowledge Transfer – Fading of service

Recruitment Support

A primary focus at Trillium Support Services is on continuous recruiting of the next generation of Social Care Workers. One of the benefits of our Partner Program is being able to draw on the expertise that TCSS develops in the availability and recruitment of key personnel. The opportunity to hire directly from within the worker pool allows member organizations to recruit without a conflict of interest, helping the organization build strength at reduced costs and reduced barriers.