Trillium Behavioural Support Services is a specialized support service designed to meet the needs of children, youth and adults with complex behavioural challenges. We believe that the solutions to behavioural challenges often reside with the people who know the individual the best. Consequently, our approach is designed to be a collaborative process, involving the active participation of the individual, family and all key stakeholders. Depending on the individual’s needs, services can be provided in almost any setting, including community, residential care facility, in-home, hospital, school, work program, or small group.

Trillium uses our unique 5 Step Process:

  • Observation of Behaviour
  • Develop hypothesis, behaviour change goals and strategies
  • Implement the Program
  • Monitoring/Evaluation/Update based on ongoing data collection/progress
  • Eventual Knowledge Transfer – Fading of service


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) holds its foundations from the collection of data and tries to use strategies including positive reinforcement to improve socially significant behaviour and to decrease problematic behaviour.  The goal is always to improve independent living skills and to enhance socially important behaviour. 

BCBA certified Behaviour Analyst

A regulated health professional who can observe individuals and their behaviour and write programs and make clinical recommendations based on observation and data gathered.  The BCBA analyzes trends in data and develops programs that increase socially important behaviour, independent living skills and decreases behavioural challenges.  B

Specialized Staff

Staff who come with a Behavioural Science diploma significant training and at least two years of experience.  Staff have experience in implementing written behaviour programs and collecting data while working with individuals to improve independence and quality of life.