Who We Are

About Us

Trillium Support Services was founded on the principles of a Social Enterprise. Our leadership team has years of experience working in either the health care or social care sectors and have combined their talents to create this entirely new and unique value proposition. As a social enterprise, Trillium invests any ‘profits’ in our care workers’ professional development, in rebates to our users/funders and through investments in our agency partner programs and services. Our Partner Program helps to provide educational opportunities to our Social Care Workers, ensuring that our workers are among the very best available.

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise initiative that reinvests earnings back to the community with profits returned proportionally to our users through investment in their programs and/or services.

Care Coordination

Trillium Care Coordinators are Master level Social Workers committed to your best interests and strive to address the well-being of our clients in a holistic manner.

Recruitment Support

A primary focus at Trillium Support Services is on continuous recruiting of the next generation of Social Care Workers.