Trillium Community Support Service was founded on the principles of a Social Enterprise. Our leadership team have collectively over 100 years of experience working in either the health care or social care sectors and have combined their talents to create this entirely new and unique value proposition. As a social enterprise Trillium invests any ‘profits’ in our workers professional development, in rebates to our users/funders and through investments in our agency partners programs and services. Our Partner Program helps to provide educational opportunities to our Social Care Workers ensuring that our workers are among the very best available.

Our Mission

As a best-in-class social enterprise we support organizations by providing them with key personnel in-order that they can achieve their mission to support the people they serve. For individuals and families we deliver highly effective services to people with unique and complex needs so that they can live their life to the fullest.


Our Guiding Principles

Responsibilities toward Stakeholders

We have a role to play in improving the lives of our; clients, customers, associates, employees, and stakeholders by sharing with them the wealth they have created. As responsible citizens of the communities we work in, we share a part in shaping the future of those communities.

Business Behaviour: Beyond the Letter of the Law toward a Spirit of Trust

We recognize that sincerity, candor, truthfulness, the keeping of promises, accountability and transparency are the cornerstones in all our interactions.

Respect for the Environment

We believe that we should protect and, where possible, improve the environment, promote sustainable development, and prevent the wasteful use of natural and societies resources.

Customers and Clients

We believe in treating all our customers and clients with dignity and respect. We therefore have a responsibility to:

  • provide our customers and clients with the highest quality services consistent with this requirement
  • treat our customers and clients fairly in all aspects of our transactions, including a high level of service and remedies for their dissatisfaction;
  • make every effort to ensure that the health and safety of our clients, as well as the quality of their environment, will be sustained or enhanced by our services;
  • assure respect for human dignity in services offered, marketing, and advertising; and
  • respect the integrity of the culture & diversity of our customers.

Our Team

We believe in the dignity of every one of our Social Care Workers and in taking their interests seriously. We therefore have a responsibility to:

  • working conditions that respect each individual’s health and dignity;
  • be honest in communications and open in sharing information, limited only by legal and competitive restraints;
  • listen to and, where possible, act on suggestions, ideas, requests, and complaints;
  • engage in good-faith negotiations when conflict arises;
  • avoid discriminatory practices and guarantee equal treatment and opportunity in areas such as gender, race, and religion;
  • encourage and assist employees and associates to develop relevant and transferable skills and knowledge;
  • foster long-term stability in the our relationship in return for value, quality, competitiveness, and reliability;


We believe as a Social Enterprise we have a responsibility in the communities we work in to:

  • respect human rights;
  • support public policies and practices that promote human development;
  • collaborate with those in the community dedicated to raising standards of care for people living in vulnerable situations, education, workplace safety, community health and economic well-being;
  • support diversity, and social integration;
  • respect the integrity of local cultures.